Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Ghengis Blues" (1999)

by Adrian Belic

Belic’s storytelling approach was loose and reflexive. He seemed to have few expectations in making this film at the beginning, but developed the story as it progressed. Belic improvises when the unforeseen events happen, like when Paul’s medicine runs out or when the other guy gets a heart attack. Even though the story becomes sporadic and unplanned, it is still effective because we are able to see the real life experiences as opposed to the glossed over reality that could easily have been observed by the filmmakers. Because of Belic’s storytelling, I was able to see the true Paul, or Paul’s true feelings in those contexts. Belic can be admired because of his ability to pull a story out of diverse and unorganized situations. The use of sound was key in this film. The build up to Paul’s performance in the competition is great, and then Paul’s improve throat-singing is a crowning moment. I wanted the movie to end there. Instead we are then taken along on the rest of the crazy trip. Belic does a great job with character development in all of his films. This film inspired me to make music.

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